Bunny bed cushion

  • STUFFED BUFFERS: Full length support down each side of the bed allow your pet to be hugged and can also be used to rest their head, back or middle depending on how they choose to lay in the bed
  • FLOP CHANNEL: Down the middle of the bed is an area custom designed to allow your pets to stretch out, roll over, or just chill out! A rabbit might hop and flop into this area, a cat may stretch and turn, but whatever the pet they all love the flop channel!
  • SUPER-SOFT: Minky fleece outer and microfibre filling keep this pet bed in good shape. This bed has fleece on both sides, rather than a cheaper underside, so can be used either side up
  • DESIGNED FOR SMALL ANIMALS: Smaller animals have particular needs and even though cats and small dogs LOVE to use this bed it was created to be the best bed a house rabbits could use. There are lots of choices when it comes to puppy beds or cat beds, but bunny beds and guinea pig beds are much harder to find. We're confident that whatever your small animal, it will love this bed